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Office Uprising (2018)

PLOT: An employee at a weapons factory discovers that an energy drink turns his co-workers into zombies

The compound of an arms manufacturer turns into a zombie nightmare when its workers are given the wrong formula.

„Office Uprising” follows the story of an underachiever working at a major weapons manufacturing firm who finds that his co-workers have been „weaponized” by Zolt, a new energy drink designed for the military. He must then set off to rescue his one true love from an office building full of psychotic coworkers armed with tomorrow’s deadliest tech.


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Krystal (2017)

GATUNEK: komedia, dramat

PLOT: KRYSTAL is a comedic drama about a young man who has never had a drink in his life. Upon meeting the woman of his dreams – an ex-hooker-stripper-junkie-alcoholic – he pretends to be in AA to try and woo her. In order to have even a hint of a chance, he must face his own demons and learn what it means to live without fear in order to finally become a man.



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The Con Is On (2018)

PLOT: In an effort to avoid paying off a massive gambling debt to a notorious mobster in England, a couple flees to Los Angeles and hatch a jewel theft plot.


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Occupation (2018)

PLOT: A small group of town residents have to band together after a devastating ground invasion. As they struggle to survive, they realize they must stay one step ahead of their attackers, and work together for a chance to strike back.

A town is suddenly plunged into darkness. In the sky, a fleet of spaceships appears. The aliens have been watching Earth for centuries; now they have arrived to seize control of our planet. As alien storm troopers cut a deadly swath through the countryside, a ragtag group of townspeople realize they must band together for a chance to strike back at the invaders in this explosive sci-fi film that grips from start to thrilling finish.

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Sekigahara (2017)

PLOT: The background to and depiction of a watershed battle in Japanese history, at Sekigahara in 1600, when Tokugawa Ieyasu’s Army of the East defeated the Army of the West of Ishida Mitsunari. The story includes the intrigues and shifting loyalties of the various retainers, family members, and samurai.


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GATUNEK: akcja, przygodowy, Sci-Fi, Fantasy

PLOT: Killjoys follows a trio of hard-living bounty hunters – Dutch, John, and D’avin – taking on interplanetary missions, chasing and capturing deadly criminals throughout a distant system named the Quad. They have sworn amongst themselves to remain neutral during a bloody, multi-planetary class war that threatens to destroy the Quad. However, their own pasts and the events around them begin to draw them in deeper to this dangerous vortex of war.


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PRZEBUDZENiE DUSZ / Ghost Stories (2017)

GATUNEK: dramat, horror

PLOT: Arch skeptic Professor Phillip Goodman embarks upon a terror-filled quest when he stumbles across a long-lost file containing details of three cases of inexplicable ‘hauntings’.



WEB-DL PLSUBBED ... Read more »

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MAMMA MiA 2 (2018)

GATUNEK: komedia, musical

PLOT: Discover Donna’s (Meryl Streep, Lily James) young life, experiencing the fun she had with the three possible dads of Sophie (Amanda Seyfriend). Sophie is now pregnant. Like Donna, she’ll be a young mother, and she realizes that she’ll need to take risks like her mother did.


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7 Splinters in Time (2018)

GATUNEK: Sci-Fi, Thriller

PLOT: Detective Darius Lefaux is called to identify a body that is identical to him. As he dives into the harrowing case, different versions of himself begin to emerge and haunting memories of lives not lived fill his mind. Darius soon realizes that not all versions of himself are good and that he must find his other self, before it finds him.  ... Read more »

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