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OPIS FILMU: Film przedstawia historię pewnego sztywnego dokumentalisty (Ben Stiller) i jego żony (Naomi Watts). Ich życie zmienia się, gdy poznają młodą, wyzwoloną parę (Adam Driver i Amanda Seyfried).

PLOT: Middle-aged couple Josh (Ben Stiller) and Cornelia Schrebnick (Naomi Watts) have a shaky relationship while living in New York City. Josh is struggling on the post-production of his documentary film about leftist intellectual Ira Mandelstam (Peter Yarrow). His previous documentary about military-industrial complex titled The Power Elite was based on C. Wright Mills’s sociological theory. Both Josh and Cornelia are struggling to try and have children, although Cornelia is reluctant due to her miscarrying the past two pregnancies. After finishing a lecture at the college he works at, Josh is appro ... Read more »

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